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Torah & Bible Codes


The Mayan Culture and Judaism [Paperback]


The Mayan left behind their spectaculer wisdom and peophecies, but fell very short in the practical guidance area. The worls is left hanging, waiting to recive higher levels of consciousness without clear guidelines of how to prepare for this new reality. To the question of what can we do to prepare for the monumental changes that will take place in the year 2012 and beyond, judaosm and the deep wisdom of the holy kabbalah can provide the answers. In this book we will attempt to uncover the jewish roots in Mayan wisdom. we will explore and explain how the ultimate spritual expression of this ideas lies in the Torah and observance of the mitzvot (Divine commandments). In most other cultures, these ideas manifest themselves in a more theoretical and superficial manner. The Torah and mitzvot provide us with a practical way to express this wisdom through service of G-d. For the purposes of this book, we have brought a plethora of Mayan teachings in order to uncover their roots in the deep, mystical aspect of Torah. This will hopefully allow the discerning reader to remove the unusable outer Layer, and discover that these ideas are essentially a parable to the Torah of Israel.

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