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Usama Bin Laden In Bible Codes

Posted by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson on May 4, 2011 at 12:05 PM 11391 Views

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Reply vincent
9:57 PM on August 8, 2012 
Hi,interested in knowing when Jesus is coming IN BIBLE CODE.THANK YOU
Reply Yehoshua
11:05 PM on November 12, 2011 
Thats all very nice.. but there is a lot of information about 9/11 being a conspiracy, so bin laden was not the real one behind it. Just watch loose change, or something by Alex Jones
Reply Gaile
10:27 PM on July 26, 2011 
Dear Rabbi, I don't know Hebrew, but I search the Torah in English. I have wondered if the words I've searched appear also in the same verses in Hebrew? Here is one to try;
Deut 16:3....(S)h(A)l(T)e(A)t(N)oleavenedbread... Isn't that awesome? G_d bless you
Reply Gaile
9:58 PM on July 26, 2011 
I have software that searches in Greek (New Testament), Hebrew and English (Torah) I have found MANY things. Many encryptions are spelled out on TWITTER (username- SototG) in early tweets. If you have something you want looked up in English, in the Torah, tweet me. If it's not too highly encrypted, I'll spell it out or at least tell you if it's there. God Bless.
Mr. Briechman, the code is REAL
Reply Alen
8:17 AM on June 23, 2011 
jonathan Breichman says...
This is so silly as to be astonishing. Have you seen the equally amazing code about Princess Diana's death in the book Moby Dick?

U cant compare Torah with Moby Dick. Torah is Divine, Moby Dick isn't! There is nothing "equal" with Torah. What silly here is, is you.
Reply jonathan Breichman
5:47 AM on June 21, 2011 
This is so silly as to be astonishing. Have you seen the equally amazing code about Princess Diana's death in the book Moby Dick?
Reply shimonmatisyahu
10:24 PM on May 19, 2011 
The connection of Osama Bin Laden's death to the coming of Moshiach is hinted in another MAJOR way. Looking at the names of the sections of Halachot of the final volume of the Rambam's Mishneh Torah called Shoftim, we see that it begins with 1)Hilchot Sanhedrin - On 10 Shevat 5765 - SIX YEARS AGO, today's SANHEDRIN in Israel officially began. 2)Hilchot Eidut - The natural disasters in the LAST FEW YEARS between the heavens (sky) and earth serve as TESTIMONY of Hashem running the world "And I will bring to witness - the heavens & earth" (Deutronomy 31:28). 3)Hilchot Mamrim - In the LAST FEW MONTHS - there have been major rebellions in various Arab countries attempting to overthrow their respective leaders, especially in Egypt, which is Mitzrayim in Hebrew, beginning with a Mem & ending with a Mem Sofit just like the word Mamrim - REBELS, where Mubarak resigned on 7 Adar I - birthday/Yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu who led the Jews out of Egypt. 4)Hilchot Eivel - The three Hebrew letters of this word - Aleph, Beit, Lamed - are the initial letters of Osama Bin Laden's name spelled in Hebrew! He indeed caused MOURNING not just for the families of those who perished on 9/11, but caused the United States, the world leading country, to be in MOURNING as well. Though he didn't murder millions like Hitler or Stalin, his group Al-Qaeda that he founded is infinitely far more capable, G-d forbid, of destroying the world than H or S were able to. His death took place a FEW WEEKS AGO on 28 Nissan - the date that Joshua knocked down the walls of Jericho, the first victory of the Jews fighting the nations in Israel. 5)Hilchot Melachim U'Milchamot - Yes, this is World War III, which includes Milchemet Gog U'Magog, and KINGS (world leaders) FIGHTING one another, in the midst of which Moshiach, which is the final part of this section in these Halachot - and the conclusion of this word of the Rambam - will finally reveal himself. Indeed, as proven here, the final stage of the final war that will take place in this world and the coming of Moshiach is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! For more details on this, stay tuned with my blogpost - www.gematriot.blogspot.com.
Reply Pinchas
3:09 PM on May 4, 2011 
Revenge belongs to Mashiach - because Bin Laden at its very root triggered the current global jihadism against the Yehudim, strengthening the world-wide forces of Amalek. Even though Mashiach did not physically kill Bin Laden, he will have to fight and vanquish the Amalekite forces that Bin Laden unleashed. When Amalek is truly eradicated, then "Bin Ladinism" will have been well and truly destroyed.