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Middle East In Year 2011

Posted by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson on April 28, 2011 at 10:20 AM 11441 Views

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Reply noble sir knight
4:05 PM on August 13, 2015 
I have been trying to get Rabbi Glazerson to contact me. We know he is busy, however, it is important and concerns something that is in the KJV Bible Code millions of times that no one knows about yet. Have tried for yeas to contact him.
Reply Johnny Watts
10:18 PM on May 23, 2012 
I have lifesize replica images of the Shroud of Turin that I obtained from Barrie Schwortz who was the documenting photographer of the STURP expedition that examined the Shroud for one week in 1978, conducting all kinds of tests. I have wondered why it is that the hidden image of the man in the shroud seems to look much older than the age of 33, which Jesus or Yeshua was thought to be when he died. Okay, a brutal scourging and crucifixion will truly age anyone, all you have to do is examine the wounds to see what I mean but I have often tought that the faint image of Jesus of Nazareth that we see with the naked eye looks much younger than the embedded image of the same man that is hidden within the surafe or exterior image. Why does the hidden image appear to be the same man. only somewhat older? The reason, I suspect, is because we are actually looking at what may be considered two distinct images and yet they are one image combined. Could the hidden eye, that is viewed on negative film only when a photograph is taken, actually have been the image of God the Father, with the image of Yeshua, God the Son, superimposed over the internal, secretive image? If Jesus of Nazareth was truly the Christ, then we can conisder him the Son of God as he claimed at his kangeroo court trial. If he was the son of God, then surely God would not remain satisfied to see His son remain dead after being unjustly murdered. Surely God would overturn the work of evil men and resurrect His son not only back to life but back to life with an immortal body so that he could never die another human death ever again. Such a resurrection would require massive power on the level of fusion, with atoms exploding among sub atomic particles radiating outward in every direction, which would then leave a visible impression of the bodu that had been brought back from the dead by the power of God. Jesus did not suddenly open his eyes, wake up, sit up and then walk away. He burst forth to life again with supernatural power from the Heavens by God's very Will. If we could see side by side comparison photos of both the negative and positive images of the shroud of Christ, we would realize that what we are really looking at are images of both God the Son and God the Father in human form, and not a work of art or some fraudulant hoax. An artiist from the middle ages would have no way of double checking his handiwork nor would an artist ever have thought to create such an enigma to begin with. Such a fraud would have placed the nail prints in the palms rather than in the wrists where the weight of the body can resist the pull of gravity. Nails in the palms would have torn the flesh clear away from the hands, with the nails tearing the skin of the hands free from the wooden cross to fall loose. Barrie Schwortz told me that the 1988 carbon 14 date tests were not only flawed but designed by intent to fail by nthe scientists who conducted the tests. It appears a wealthy anonymous donar gave one million dollars to the 3 scientists as a reward for debunking the shroud as being nothing more than a fake forgery from the 11th or 12th centuries and not from the time of Jesus in the 1st century. Pope John Paul 2 wrongly thought the scientists were seeking the truth and did not know they were, in fact, pursuing an agenda motivated more by greed than by anything else. They will have to answer to Goid for that one day because they unjustly misled the world in 1988 with their false claim the shroud had been accurately carbon dated to mthe middle ages when, in fact, it was a corner piece of the shroud that had been tested which came from the 1500's when nuns in France did a repair job to the shroud after it was damaged in a severe fire. The shroud was then sewn or weaved onto a larger backing cloth that wass then dyed to match the color of the shroud so future generations wrongly assumed the cloth was one long burial cloth when it was not. The outer edges of the shroud, under a microscope, showed a different weave pattern than the pattern that exists in the main portion of the shroud. There in indeed many Torah Codes confirming the image on the shroud as being Jesus of Nazareth. But I feel it is also the image of the creator of Heaven and earth.
Reply pincus goldman
3:29 AM on May 3, 2012 
please keep me informed
Reply Gaile
10:09 PM on July 26, 2011 
Johnny Watts says...
Dear Rabbi Glazerson, what do the Torah Codes have to say about the Shroud of Turin?
I understand some Torah Code researchers several years ago found some interesting codes on the subject. Thank you, Rabbi, you are one of the Lord's modern day prophets.

I have searched TURIN, SHROUD, GENUINE. and they all are in a cluster in the Torah. The software I use will only work with windows 7 or earlier and is discontinued. BUT you can ask for it specifically ( Bible decoder Version 1.54) contact lilachz@grapho.net in Israel
Many of my earlier tweets show encryptions, The one on The shroud of Turin is very early.(Twitter - username SototG) God bless
Reply soesman
3:40 PM on May 30, 2011 
In the new testament the book of revealation is written about the first seal
This is the white horsemen who brings ...peace ? true maschiach ? 2012 !
on you tube Ghost Horseman at Egypt Riots[also see the slow motion]
Is this Imam Mahdi-matreaya ? This spirit is always seen by Sjitisch rituals in iran !
Reply Johnny Watts
5:17 AM on May 30, 2011 
Dear Rabbi Glazerson, what do the Torah Codes have to say about the Shroud of Turin?
I understand some Torah Code researchers several years ago found some interesting codes on the subject. Thank you, Rabbi, you are one of the Lord's modern day prophets.
Reply soesman
3:50 PM on May 4, 2011 
Yes it is coming read Zacharia 12 and 14 and ezechiel 38 all is happening soon because the maschiach wil comes ! the whole world wil fight to jerusalaim ![harmagedon]