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Gaza War In Bible Codes

The Gaza War was a three-week armed conflict that took place in the Gaza Strip and Southern Israel during the winter of 2008?2009. In an escalation of the ongoing conflict, Israel responded to Hamas "Operation Oil Stain" rocket fire with military force in an action titled "Operation Cast Lead".

Israel opened the attack with a surprise air strike against the Gaza Strip on December 27, 2008. Israel's stated aim was to stop rocket fire from and arms import into the territory. Israeli forces attacked both military and civilian targets, police stations, and Hamas government buildings in the opening assault.

An Israeli ground invasion began on January 3. Infantry commanders were given an unprecedented level of access to coordinate with air, naval, artillery, intelligence, and combat engineering units during this second phase. Various new technologies and hardware were also introduced. On January 5, IDF forces began operating in the densely populated urban centers of Gaza.

During the last week of the offensive (from 12 January), Israel mostly hit targets it had damaged previously and struck Palestinian rocket-launching units. Hamas intensified its rocket and mortar attacks against Southern Israel, reaching the major cities of Beersheba and Ashdod for the first time during the conflict. Israeli politicians ultimately decided against striking deeper within Gaza amidst concerns of higher casualties on both sides and increasing international criticism. The war ended on January 18, when Israel first declared a unilateral ceasefire, followed by Hamas' announcing a one-week ceasefire twelve hours later. Israel completed its withdrawal on January 21.


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