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Welcome to our newly released video section! Here you will find a combination of both English and Hebrew video lectures recorded by Rabbi Glazerson covering a wide variety of intriguing topics. Make sure to return soon for updated videos!  You may also check out our YouTube Channel!

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  • Torah Codes 2012 Trailer
    by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson on March 10, 2011 at 11:22 AM
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    While the skeptics continue to debate the veracity of the Torah Code, new developments in the testing of matrixes as well as the use of apriori words have completely revolutionized the approach of finding codes in the Torah. TORAH CODE 2012 will be a journey from Jersalem to New York, to LA and beyond. It will reveal the latest findings of the world experts in the computer methods in searching the Torah accurately, to provide results of the highest integrity. You'll see how the 3,322 year old Torah is now referencing physical objects. Unexplanable events of the highest order of probability -- a manifestation in our time. Whether you believe the Code is real or not, by the time you've seen the film, you'll be convinced that the Code exists. This video is an early project demo and not intended for use as a final trailer or advertisement.

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